Rodeo event in which a cowboy tries to ride a bucking horse (bronco) for a specified time (usually 8 or 10 seconds). The horse is equipped with saddle, stirrups, and a rein that may be held with one hand only. The cowboy is disqualified if he falls, loses his stirrup or rein, winds the rein around his hand, or touches the horse or rein with his free hand. The cowboy is scored by judges for his skill and technique, and the horse is scored for difficulty. The two scores are combined, and the rider with the highest total is the winner.



Rodeo event in which a cowboy attempts to ride a bucking bull while holding (with one hand only) a rope fastened about the animal's middle. No stirrups, bridle, or saddle are used. The rider is disqualified if he touches the bull with his free hand, uses sharp spurs, or is thrown from the bull within the eight-second time limit of the event. The cowboy is scored for his skill and technique, and the bull for difficulty. The two scores are combined, and the rider with the highest total is the winner.


Triple B Association


Bareback bronc riding is a rough and explosive rodeo event. The most physically demanding of all the rodeo events, and the first event to compete at most rodeos. Cowboys ride rough horses without the benefit of saddle or rein.

They ride 'bareback' on the horse and use a leather rigging, which looks like a heavy piece of leather with a suitcase handle. The cowboys ride one handed and cannot touch themselves or the horse with their free hand. As with saddle bronc riding the mark out rule is in effect. The cowboys spur the horse from shoulder to rigging, in a frantic style trying make a qualified ride of 8 seconds. Once the ride is completed, pick-up men swoop in to 'pick up' the rider and set him safely on the ground.

"Legends and Dreams"


2014 IIFR Qualifiers:
JR Chino
Justin Tsosie
Ferlin Tsosie
Shawn Benally
Saddle Bronc
Robby Holyan
Eugene Barlow
Waylen Paul
T.O. Yazzie
Bull Riding
Genaro Mariano
Melson Casamero
Adrian Jarvison
Trustin Calvin
Junior Bull Riding
Vinell Mariano
James Hood
Bo Baldwin
Marshal Tsosie
Team Roping
Daniel Billy/Sammy Robinson
Edison Roan/Joe Begay
Fritz Roanhorse/Melvin Jackson
Frank Kinlicheenie/Will Morgan

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